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 How does the NYS tax levy cap affect the funding of our public schools?


New York enacted one of the most stringent, inflexible tax levy limits in the country. As we enter the 4th year of the cap, it is clear that over time the current legislation will negatively impact our ability to provide the programs and resources needed to appropriately educate and support our students. Several key amendments to the law must be included in any extension of this legislation.
 Click HERE to tell your elected officials that the NY Tax Levy Cap must be amended if renewed!  

Parent test refusal letters are available here in English and Spanish!
Why Excessive Testing is Problematic –
Excessive testing takes away approximately 25% of our children’s academic school year.
Excessive testing forces teachers to “teach to the test” instead of nurturing higher order thinking skills.  Excessive testing teaches children that there is only one right answer in academics and in life.
Excessive testing costs millions of dollars of taxpayer money to produce and thousands of dollars of our school district’s money to implement.
Excessive testing takes the joy out of school/learning for children and teaches them to resent school. Excessive testing encourages our best teachers to seek other careers where their expertise is valued.  Excessive testing is developmentally destructive for specific age groups.
Excessive testing is creating corruption among students where students are purposely scoring poorly to negatively affect teachers they dislike.
Excessive testing is creating corruption among schools where schools are cheating on test scoring to get better evaluations.
Excessive testing uses our children as tools to evaluate school districts, schools, and teachers. For the child, the test counts for nothing.
Excessive testing gives teachers incentives to care more about their teacher evaluation than children. Excessive testing teaches students to be careless with tests. Students report randomly filling in answers because they no longer see the value in test-taking since it has become so excessive.
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